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Hey. Don’t just scroll past. Come back and watch this. You need it more than you know.

holy shit.

the time out of your day to watch this will not be wasted, I assure you.

By about the 2:00 I was sobbing.

I scrolled halfway past and then thought “okay i’ll see what it’s about”

Definitely the correct choice. Watch it.

They. Were. Wrong.

oh god the actual tears on my face


 W R O N G.

I’m in tears…

Every time I watch this video, I’m in tears.

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Cap ‘n Quote: Pride and Prejudice (2005) 

Elizabeth’s spirits soon rising to playfulness again, she wanted Mr. Darcy to account for his having ever fallen in love with her. “How could you begin?” said she. “I can comprehend your going on charmingly, when you had once made a beginning; but what could set you off in the first place?”

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"So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality"

Actual idol

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male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

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don’t stop me now // queen

i’m a shooting star leaping through the sky
like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
i’m a racing car passing by like lady godiva
i’m gonna go, go, go
there’s no stopping me

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tonight is just one of those nights where all i want is for someone to make me a cup of tea and snuggle me and offhandedly say i’m doing great

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When you are lonely, sit with it. Feel it move through your veins. Feel it mix with your breath. There is only one way out of this and that is through. Feel how strong you are to be able to live with such quiet around you and such roars within you. Listen to your heart, how it beats like the thin hand of a clock. Ask it what it wants. Make lists of all the things you dream will fill this space one day. A clapboard house with coffee simmering on the stove. A rusty bike and someone to ride it with. Homemade bread and a hand to hold.
When you are lonely, remind yourself how awful it feels to fill this time with anything other than what you truly yearn for. You could go to his bed- nothing would stop you, you could go right now- but you wouldn’t feel any less alone while lying next to someone when that someone doesn’t love you like you deserve. He doesn’t know about the knot in the bottom of your stomach and he’ll fall asleep before it loosens.
When you are lonely, cultivate it. Cradle it. These moments feel like background noise but they are anything but. You are learning your way around yourself. You are drawing a map you will consult for the rest of your life. Ask yourself the hard things. How do you like your eggs cooked? Do you want to have children? How do you feel about global warming? When no one else is around, you can hear your own voice. Even if it is a gentle, quiet thing there are so many things you can learn from it. Take your time.
When you are lonely, light a candle that smells like home or maybe one that smells like pine trees you’ve never seen before. Kiss your forehead in the mirror and have a glass of wine. Write a poem. Or don’t.
When you are lonely, the universe is giving you space to be with yourself. Don’t waste it.
— Fortesa Latifi - When You Are Lonely (via madgirlf)
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i support the gradient lip on black girls movement

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”GLOW” by allen coleman

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"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez

meanwhile i can barely walk on a flat surface without tripping

obsessed with this video

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