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You guys
I’m drunk
And in such a good mood
I love my friends so much

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dying before your friends and welcoming them to hell like


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Tragedies of life

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Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.
Name: Mackenzie
Nickname: Mack, Kenzie, or if you’re related to me then Rachel
Birthday: March 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: queer or something
Height: 5’2”
Time zone: US Pacific
What time and date is it there: 11:15pm on Thursday the 18th.
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5-7 depending
OTPs: depends on the show
The last thing I Googled was: Tim Miller, the Deadpool director
What I last said to a family member: “That’s my new favorite” in reference to a drink my brother let me try
One place that makes me happy and why: the backyard of my mom’s house because it’s small and cozy and feels like some movie grandmother’s garden
How many blankets I sleep under: 2 and a sheet
Favourite beverage: flavored waters
The last movie i watched in the cinema was: The Hundred Foot Journey
Something I plan on learning: French
A piece of advice for all my followers: Treat yourself
You have to listen to this song: “Secrets” by Mary Lambert but ask me again in a week
My blog(s): this one, a deserted (but maybe going back to) cury fitspo blog stillcurvy, and some locked writing blogs to keep notes in
Your eye color: green mostly
Your hair color: brown but it’s currently dyed blonde
One fact about you: i’m super nosy but in a “i want to know everything” kind of way and not in an “i want to gossip” kind of way
Favourite color: yellow and maybe peach (i hate the color so much i alost like it)
Favorite place: the Arnold Arboretum in Boston
Favourite celebrity: Meryl Streep or Alan Rickman
Favorite animals: CHICKENS and elephants and whales and turtles and red pandas
Favorite book: “Darkness Take My Hand” by Dennis Lehane. What a page turner!

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Free Him


Free Him

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The only political compass that matters


The only political compass that matters

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Anonymous said: Do you even read Deadpool comics?




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No boyfriend November was a success. Should I go for a don’t date December?

Just me January?

Forever alone February?

No man march?

I just had to reblog this again.

abstinent april
masturbation may
just giving up june

just my hand july

always alone august

sexless september

only me october?

they’ve done it

they made a reason for me to be single for every month


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